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Various Bloggers by City




  • Ranisha Grice- Cupcakebands Headband Collection, Fashion Headband Designer | Blogger| Spiritual, How to’s, Encouragement.
  • Zoe S. Hunter (bka Z.) – DEAR QUEENS, Women Empowerment, Inspiration & Faith-Based, (, – New Haven


  • Adaeze Okeke – Dezzie, Darling | Lifestyle, Beauty, Travel | ( | Foggy Bottom
  • Chelsea Wilson | Rookie Notes| Lifestyle, Lessons Learned| (






  • Khadija Amatullah |Lady Khadija Online| Arts, Advocacy, Education &Culture|| Flint


New York

  • Briana White | Nail A College Drop Out | Nail Beauty | | -Buffalo
  • Michelene Johnese |Michelene J Life| Black culture, entertainment, inspiration ( Island
  • Jasmine S|| Natural Hair + Lifestyle|| Brooklyn
  • Audrey Canady||Lifestyle|| Brooklyn

North Carolina

  • Devon Young, Cold Knowledge, Relationship & Misc., ( – Raleigh
  • Jovanhanna Tisdale, Ms. J. Kristina, Parenting & Lifestyle ( – Raleigh
  • Bryanda Law |Quirky, Brown Love|-Black Culture, Relationships, Quirky Lifestyle ( Chapel Hill/Durham
  • Neeka Lewis (Neeks), Moxie, Mostly., Lifestyle, Misc., (, – Kernersville/Wingate
  • Andrea Davis (Dre) | So She Writes by Miss Dre (
  • Aqueilla Terry | N.A.K.E.D. | Lifestyle/Music/Black and World Culture |||Charlotte
  • Aqueilla Terry| N.A.K.E.D. | Music, Fashion. Poetry, Natural Hair||
  • Jazmynne Williams| Social Activism & Black History||| Durham
  • Angelica Alston l Fashion News, Current Trends, OOTD, Collabs and Brand Features l (,

South Carolina

Antoinette Cain|Womens Empowerment Blogger| |, Lifestyle Editor, Slay Magazine, , Sumter



  • Keisha Reynolds | | Motivational/Inspriation | | | Norfolk
  • Aqueilla Terry | N.A.K.E.D.| Music/Lifestyle/Black and World Culture||| Richmond
  • Aqueilla  Terry | N.A.K.E.D.| Music, Fashion, Poetry, Natural Hair| || Richmond


Note: Bloggers do not need to be listed on this page to request a postcard from them.

29 Family Travel Blogs

  1. Y Travel – From dreams to reality, Caz and Craig are travel experts, on the road since 1997. Currently on a 18mth road trip around Australia with their two daughters. Check travel tips and inspiration on how to travel around the world and create better memories.
  2. Travel with Bender – Follow Aussie family’s nomadic travels all over the world with 2 young children. Erin and Josh share their expert tips for the best family holidays.
  3. Almost Fearless – Christine and Drew Gilbert, traveling writer and documentary filmmaker team, travels around the globe with their two children, raising them as multilingual global citizens.
  4. Where’s Sharon – Sharon and her family will teach you how to travel smarter, cheaper and better with your kids.
  5. Wagoners Abroad – An expat family of 4. Alan and Heidi share with us their travel tips, costs, adventures, experiences and mishaps. Currently travelling in Malaysia.
  6. Our Oyster – Jade and Dan, a travelling family who seek to inspire you to live the life you have dreamed of, educate about the world, provide tips on how to travel on a budget and show that travel with a newborn is possible.
  7. Have Baby Will Travel – Corinne’s blog with tips, information, advice, and support for flying, driving, and traveling with babies, toddlers, and young children.
  8. The Barefoot Nomad – Micki and Charles used to travel together since 2003. Now they travel with two little adventurers.
  9. Travel Mamas – Blog author Colleen s a mom of two. She shares her tips how to travel with babies, children and teens… and stay sane! Find useful packing lists, stories, reviews and giveaways.
  10. A Week at the Beach – Sarah is a travel addict, but also a busy mom and businesswoman. Her mission is to inspire busy moms everywhere to make time for travel.
  11. Hither & Thither – A lifestyle and travel blog written by Ashley Muir Bruhn, featuring travel with kids, food, style and design.
  12. Traveling Canucks – Meet Cam and Nicole, newbie parents from Vancouver that choose to make travel a priority. On their award winning family travel blog they prove that you can have a family, career AND travel the world.
  13. Around the World L – Lillie is a passionate travelling teacher and blogs about global education, food, architecture, and humor. She travels with her husband and a baby, sometimes solo.
  14. Globalmouse Travels – A family of 5 adventurers in search out the unusual attractions. Full of tips, stories and adventures to inspire.
  15. Delicious Baby – Debbie, mother of three delicious kids, share her own travel stories, provide advice, tips for traveling with kids, and family friendly city guides complete with maps. Everything mom tested.
  16. The World Is a Book – Family fun travels with 2 kids, focusing on cruises and National Parks.
  17. The Family Without Borders – Anna, Polish journalist, and Thomas, German photographer, prove that having a baby widens your life, not narrows it – so they keep travelling.
  18. Flashpacker Family – family of 4 from New Zealand travel chronicles. They are currently travelling the world full-time, working on the road and having amazing adventures.
  19. Tips For Family Trips – Allison and Kati, school friends, now with the families on their own, share the great destinations and the lessons they’ve learned along the way about traveling with children.
  20. The Talking Suitcase – Derrick and Dana are sharing their family travels to show others that traveling with kids is not only possible, it’s affordable.
  21. Unstoppable Family – Rhonda and Brian travel the world with their daughter Hanalei since 2008 and are teachng others how to live as freedom-preneurs.
  22. The Working Moms Travels – Stories and tips from Francesca, Chicago-based travel blogger and working mom of two. She travels as often as possible, with and without her family.
  23. Pitstops for Kids – Real-parent reviews of kid-friendly resorts, hotels, attractions, and experiences on the road. You can research destinations for upcoming travels, or submit your own favorite places.
  24. Soul Travelers 3 – Family of three from Santa Cruz, California on open-ended, years long slow trip around the world.
  25. Family Travel Times – Ideas for vacations and days out for the family, written by Sarah Ebner and her children.
  26. Suitcases and Sippycups – Not an ordinary family, as there is 6 of them, on extraordinary travels.
  27. We 3 Travel – Tamara is passionate about exploring the world with her husband and tween daughter and firm believer that travel is a gift we give our kids.
  28. Walking on Travels – Keryn is adventuring with her family, and providing tips and tricks for staying sane on the road. Great resource for pregnant travel information.
  29. Celebrate The Weekend – Victoria’s ideas and inspirations for exciting weekends, vacations and holidays for the entire family.

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Various Bloggers

Cicely from The Bougie Black Blogger

Natasha Mila from The Sprout Mix

Nay from coffee-n-ink

Rashae from Abbigayle Rashae

Reichal Winn from The Winn Inn

Samaa Ahmed from Wear I’ve Been

Sara Strand from Sara’s Organized Chaos

Serena Hale  from God4bandme

Shann from Dirt and Noise

Shatona from The Positive Black Woman

Sue from No Fixed Abode 4 Sue

Tayler from The Morrell Tale

Taylor from Dear Friends

Taylor from Life in the Lost and Found Bin

Tricia from Like I Said Lady

Trish from Almost Sexy Mommy

Tyler from An Aspiring Heroine

Yvonne from Yvonne’s Travel Blog

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