5 Ways to Promote Your Self-Published Book

By Shatona Groves. M.S., The Positive Black Woman 

I wrote this for an event and decided to share it on my blog as well.

Author Fair Heritage Society.jpg


  1. Attending Events – like this one above: Visibility is Key! Helps you meet your readers and promote your work. This is great for you and motivates you to keep writing and also is motivating for new writers to help them publish.
  2. Create a Blog or Social Media page: Same principle as #1, Visibility! The only way to sell books is to create a need for your book. If you stay in front of your readers, they will buy. Make sure your blog/social media pages represent your brand. Write on topics relevant to your book.
  3. Offer to Speak at Events: Nothing creates a buzz around your books like speaking. So is it worth it to speak for free, yes, it is.
  4. Create Business Cards and Always Have Books: Stay Ready! Always have professional business cards with your blog/website/social media address handy and always carry books in your car! I used to host author fairs and too many authors wouldn’t have books ordered in time for the fair, this is not acceptable for a self-published author. If you are self-published, guess what?! That means you will be also self-promoted. You must promote your work. It is very expensive to hire a promoter so expect to do this yourself and it is easy, start at step 1 and continue to step 5 and you will sell books!
  5. Give Back: Read and comment as your author/blogger name on other blogs, attend and support other author events, you will reap what you sow! So give back!

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How do you promote your work? Leave comments below!

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