“Help, I’ve let myself go!”

Women, moms, career-women, some of us can relate with putting ourselves last. Not wanting to draw attention to ourselves, but to put our children first.

Maybe you’ve even said it despising the mom who looks all put together and her kids look a mess! “Now how she gonna have her kids looking like that while she looks good?!”

Shonda Rhimes said it best in her book “Year of Yes” we’d never make a man feel guilty for hiring help to take care of the house and kids or expect him to put himself last.

Even my career as an event planner allows me to put myself behind the scenes.

So yes, I’d bought into the ideology that everyone and everything comes before me. Well, now that my kids are older I’m starting to feel a freedom come over me like never before and this is my “Year of Yes!”

Yes to me, yes to my dreams, yes to looking and feeling great.

I’m not whining in the least bit, but just trying to help women realize they can indeed have it all!

Watch my transformation on the Pickler and Ben show here: https://www.picklerandben.com/wednesday-october-18-mallory-ervin-joe-isidori-kirsten-potenza-troy-williams-carmen-johnston/

Find out your station to watch live or DVR it here.

I’ll come back and share backstage pics after the show airs tomorrow!

See you soon,

The Positive Black Woman

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