Make Money from Your Facebook Posts

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I have to apologize to my audience, I haven’t blogged in 2 months. I was busy planning a large Expo and Job Fair and now I am planning one in Nashville, TN because  I am relocating there in a couple of months. Eventually, I will get back to it on a consistent basis but this news was just too good to pass up sharing with you because I know bloggers and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to make money off what we enjoy. So here it is…

Something that may be coming soon…

Something that would make those of us that live on social media very happy.

We soon may be able to earn money from our Facebook posts or from our shares.

I see many of us sharing posts, articles, events and we don’t earn a penny from it. This may soon change. For me, it just makes me happy to be resourceful for my Facebook friends, but it will make me even happier if I could earn a few dollars from sharing.  It appears that Facebook is considering allowing partnerships so that those of us that share can earn a portion of the revenue. I am also excited for the sponsor marketplace this is where you can pick companies that match your brand and they would pay you to advertise on your Facebook/Instagram page. This is not rolled out yet, but Facebook is considering it! I say yes, yes, yes! Survey is below:Facebook survey


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