Website For Free Movie Screenings

I can’t help but think of my dad when I see the word FREE, he would always say “baby, ain’t nothing in this world free there is always a cost.” So if you think like him, I’d better tell you that yes the movie is free, but the costs are you will probably have to stand in a long line to get in. You have to arrive early to get good seats. You will have to listen to a little 2 minute speech from the movie promoter asking you to share on social media if you liked the movie. Last, the movies are usually on days you wouldn’t typically go to the movies like on a Tuesday or Thursday. But other than that! The movie is free and sometimes you get free promotional items. I’ve taken advantage of free movie screenings several times and I always feel special that I got to see a movie before it officially released in theatres, so sign up if you’re interested



  1. Thanks for the post! As a college student trying to save money to move into an apartment, I am always on the lookout for free activities. I had never heard of this, but I will definitely be trying it out soon–maybe over spring break. And it’s good to know that there will probably be a long line and a short speech.

  2. Sarabeth, I so glad that you will be able to use this. I think we in the US could do a better job being thrifty so whether your in college or a well paid employer or employee. Let’s find more ways to save money and this is one of the ways! Good luck to you dear!

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