How I Make My Business and Sales Goals Every Month By Using Facebook

As an entrepreneur, I have to be willing to try different methods of social media to learn which will work best for me and when I say work best for me I mean to help me accomplish my business goals.

Many business people underestimate the power of Facebook because they think it is all about social interaction. This is what your business is about; gaining the trust of your social circle so they are willing to do business with you.

However, as business people we have to avoid the temptation to sell, sell, sell and see the rewards of positive social interaction.

My rule is to post 3 or more personal posts before I post anything about business. When I say personal posts, I mean to post about your family, friends, and yourself. Keep it classy and clean, but real and genuine. Our Facebook friends love pictures of our families so post away! Selfies can appear selfish and immature so keep these to a minimum as a professional.

I also support my Facebook friends by giving until I can’t give anymore. I believe that you reap what you sow. I genuinely want my friends to succeed, it’s a high I get that I can’t explain. I believe they know that. It isn’t something I started yesterday; I have been working at building relationships for at least 5 years. I attend other’s events, share their business, send referrals, etc.  without expecting anything in return. It’s a Christian principle that works. If that person doesn’t give back to me, you know who will, God. Even if it isn’t monetarily, I appreciate God keeping me in perfect peace while running my business; I consider it a true blessing.

Last, use Facebook as a tool to get people in front of your products. Some products are best sold in person so book parties, attend vendor fairs, or have people in your home for appetizers and to view your latest products. Make sure your products are visible at least once a month.

“Use Facebook as a means to build relationships” not to force your product on your Facebook followers.

“If your fans like you, business will follow. Make interaction the goal…they like being marketed to about as much as you do. Which is not much; this is why Facebook limits ads on your timeline people don’t use social media to be sold to, so we have to be creative in our approach. “If you’re genuine and give with no expectation of getting, your fans will respond.”

So what are your take-aways?

  1. Post 3-5 personal posts on Facebook before posting for business
  2. Don’t use the “vacuum salesman” approach
  3. Your goal should be to build genuine relationships


If you haven’t bought the book “Your Network is Your Net Worth” buy it today! It is a must read about building relationships and your network.

For more advice and tips on entrepreneurship join the free Facebook group:

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