Miss Universe Host Steve Harvey, I Forgive You

More people are talking about Steve Harvey’s mistake than those that watched the pageant some believe. Wow, bad news travels fast.

Steve Harvey made a mistake. He read the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant. For this he was called a monster-look at the URL of this article http://gawker.com/steve-harvey-a-monster-crowns-wrong-miss-universe-1749018346.

As a previous pageant participant, when participating, the pageant was the most important thing in my world at the time. Therefore, I can understand the disappointment of the 1st runner up, but I cannot agree with the heckling and the “stone throwing” that we do to other people when some of our own mistakes are far worse.

Do you think just because he is famous this won’t hurt him? People let’s forgive because in the scheme of everything going on in the world today his error is small in comparison.

It’s okay if we are talking about it, I would expect that. I am speaking of the media calling him a monster for his error.

I don’t care if it was Steve Harvey or who it was wouldn’t you want compassion at this time?

I forgive you Steve.





  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I didn’t watch the pagent but when I woke up this morning that’s all people were talking about. And then people starting talking about him not spelling the names of the countries wrong when he apologized on Twitter. There are too many other important things in this world than to vilify one person’s mistake. This world is missing grace especially during this season of Jesus’s birth. Just saying.

  2. Ms. Columbia will make millions off this, eg. TV appearances, endorsements, maybe a book deal, etc. The sting will dissipate quickly once the cash rolls in, ijs.

  3. Great post. I felt so bad for the poor guy. It takes courage to admit your mistakes & take responsibility which he did. We must forgive this Human error & move on 🙂

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