What Will You Find Here?

In real life and on paper, I don’t consist of what people think I should be. I don’t just have one job, one idea, one goal, or one dream. I have several and one thing I dislike like most is being trapped in a box or cubicle.

So for my blog you will find all things positive. However, it has come time to define what positive means.

Positive: Include stories with a life lesson- we all know that life doesn’t consist of just happy days so we will focus on stories that we can learn from. What is positive is that we are learning and we may prevent someone from going down the same path we chose by sharing our story. So the title of my posts may not always appear positive at first glance but keep reading and you will find the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

I have simplified my blog into daily themes so come back daily to find new inspiring content. I also have guest bloggers that add quality content throughout the year. I am so grateful for them!

Healthy Living Mondays – I am on a journey to live healthier and I will share what I am learning and doing to accomplish this.

Parenting Tips Tuesdays – I am passionate about the gift of parenting and I will share tips.

Blogging Basics Wednesdays – As I grow as a blogger, I am happy to share information.

Thursday TV – Lessons from our favorite shows

Famous Fridays – Celebrities that we admire are also great humanitarians. I will share stories to celebrate.

Sports Saturday – I love the stories of athletes. Athletes have an unmatched passion for accomplishing their goals. I will share those that have inspired me and others.

Sunday Surprise!

I hope you will frequently stop by and share your story with me. I’d love to interview you for some of my monthly features.


  1. My sentiments exactly. It’s about sharing your perspective and hoping the essence of your message resonates with your readers and of course that folks can relate to the content. And it’s up to us specifically as black women to acknowledge and support one another!

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