How To Decide What To Blog About?

I am currently taking a class through WordPress University: Blogging 201, Branding & Growth and I decided to simplify my blog by giving readers something to look forward to each day by focusing on a daily theme. This can be done by using an editorial calendar. The calendar allows you to plan what you are going to write about each day. Those of you that also have social media goals can easily write those on the calendar too.

I know this sounds easy to those that are natural born planners but everyone is not that lucky.

Ok I get it, you want to write about 20 things and they are all swirling in your head like a tornado and you want to know how do you narrow your choices down?

The first step is write your ideas down. I would suggest writing them on notebook paper so you can edit them at will. Typing them seems so permanent but do what works for you.

Now visit your blog stat history and see which topics went over well with your readers. Take this into consideration or don’t. It’s your blog so you may choose topics that will keep you writing not what is the most popular.

Last, plug them into a calendar editable calendar by using an excel sheet or tools found here.



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