Are You Married to Your Blog Niche?

Your blog niche is what your blog is about: Parenting, Travel, Computers, Cooking, and Celebrity Gossip are some examples. Many bloggers feel that we are married to our blog niche. We spend countless hours developing our niche or brand and once we decide what topic(s) we will cover it is hard to change. Some just quit blogging rather than change their niche. Have you ever pictured the blog grave site? Gruesome! I have a couple blogs in there myself because I started blogging long ago because I felt I had to attach a blog to my business page. “Had to” are the key words here. I didn’t love blogging then. My point is do what you love rather than what you feel is expected of you. It is your blog and for the first time ever…for most of us it is the only place we can completely control. So why not enjoy what you are writing about? I tell you it is more enjoyable than many of my other pastimes. Plus I own my domain name. How sweet is that!?

So instead of divorcing the blog you decide to have “your cake and eat it too?”

I would not recommend having more than one blog. Blogging is time consuming and it is best to dedicate that time to one blog. For example, my blog The Positive Black Woman allows me to explore several topics, anything that is positive and I can even find something positive in a storm. It is about seeing the rainbow in the downpour of life.

I just recently organized my blog to focus on my passions 6 days a week. This way I can blog about what I love and allow my readers to anxiously await my next post. Well, I hope they will be anyway…to see my example of a daily theme visit here.

I am curious, have you changed your niche over the years?


  1. My blog has changed a lot since I started writing. After 4 years of personal blogging, I decided I wanted to write about science. Recently, I added my art, poems, and stories into the portfolio of the blog. Now my blog brand represents me.

  2. I think you’re onto something with blogging about a different passion each day of the week. My blog is about both writing and reading books. Maybe it would make sense to not blog about those two topics so haphazardly and start planning certain days of the week to blog about one or the other.

  3. I think I will always blog about parenting topics, but I’ve grown and changed as my blog grows too. I’ve added reviews and fitness topics, as those are things involved in my life too.

  4. I haven’t changed my niche, though earlier this year I sharpened my focus, did a collaboration, and have even delved into fiction, which I may try to do more of in 2016. But for me, my niche will always be the music and photography I write about.

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