The Deceitfulness Of Entrepreneurship

As I scrolled down my Instagram page, a picture of an entrepreneur that I knew made me stop in my tracks. I wanted to know more about her so I viewed more of her pictures.  Her life seemed remarkable. She drove a nice car; her children were well supported and had nice things. Every time, I saw her she was dressed well. She would often post about her business online during the day so I knew she had the freedom that I wanted. She also showed her social media audience some of her earnings online. I mean pictures of cash! Oh, how I wanted her life. She had it all together…or so it seemed.

red shoes

Entrepreneurship is something millions dream about, but the reality of the hard work that comes with it becomes more like a nightmare.

From the social media pictures there was no way I could see what was really going on in the life of this entrepreneur. All I saw were the benefits.

I did not see her making cold calls and getting hung up on.

I did not see the bill collectors calling her phone to tell her she was behind on her bills.

I did not see the time she planned a party to introduce her business to a new group and only 2 people showed up.

I did not see the time she got her car repossessed.

I did not see the time she argued with her entire family when they told her to get a real job.

I did not see the time she worked at Walmart overnight because her business could not sustain the needs of her family.

I did not see the time she was hospitalized for stress.

I did not see her medical bills pile up because she had no insurance.


I did not see the hours she would study business to become a better business person.

I did not see the child support checks in her mailbox that was really the way she got those nice things I admired.

All I saw was the external. The external can fool you. The truth is that if you are an entrepreneur you may have experienced some of the things I listed above. I have! It is nothing to be ashamed about. Entrepreneurship is hard because a true entrepreneur can’t just stop their dream to go get a job and stay at the company forever. Therefore, business owners will sacrifice other wants and needs to fulfill their life’s dream.

Why is there such deceitfulness in leading people to follow the road of entrepreneurship? 

Because we as people like to hear lies. That’s funny isn’t?

It is a proven fact if it was advertised “Learn How to Secure a Non-Guaranteed Paycheck Overnight,” no one would buy in. So instead business owners have to reel potential reps in with a promise “Make Money 24/7 While You’re Sleeping.” The truth would be entrepreneurs get little sleep and work their butts off. Entrepreneurs work more than 40 hours a week.

And you know what?  I still love it! I am working to pass on wealth to my children. Therefore, I tend to stay away from MLM companies and focus on companies that I can pass down to my children so they will be part owners. However, that is a personal decision I made after several years of selling AVON, Tupperware, etc.

MLM companies are companies like AVON, Mary Kay, Youngevity, IT Works, and more. Here is the list of the top 100 MLM companies. Do your research:

Even though, I struggle with time, money, and bad customers I wouldn’t change a thing except the deceitfulness of it.

Please consider this, the next time you sign up your new representative for your team, downline, etc. of your MLM business tell them the truth so they know what to expect. Don’t get me wrong. I will never stop being an entrepreneur but I refuse to mislead the generations after me. I am about truth. With the truth, those that follow me will be better prepared for the rocky road that is ahead of them.

I will leave you with a quote from the business coach , John Brubaker. “Our feelings are a lousy leader. They lie to us and tell us to quit when really we should be digging in. They lie to us to try to convince us to slow down in the face of adversity when we should be running through the adversity. Emotionally, they tell us we’ve done enough, when intellectually we know that there’s more to be done.”





  1. That’s one of my biggest fears about starting a business. People aren’t going to show you the bad side of things.

  2. I agree, there are those that flaunt a lifestyle that seems to good to be true–I like to see the freedom in money and time that entrepreneurs have but I have a sense when it seems… staged.

    For me personally working more than I would at a 9 to 5 is not an issue–I want to have the freedom to make my own impact, and if that’s part of my business I win whether I work 4 hour days or 12 hour days.

    Right now that means starting a business supporting parents of college-bound students through community and through online tutoring. It’s my way of helping along a generation of more curious people and to be able to establish a scholarship.

    xo Ximena (he-mena)

  3. I loved this post. It is so true, many people follow the “fake it til you make it” path.
    On my blog, I try to strip away some of this and help people to understand the real truth of networking, that it can be extremely rewarding, but there is no such thing as making money without giving value.
    Thank you for this post

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience on entrepreneurship. I will keep your advice in mind when I have the guts to go on that journey. Kudos to you and may your entrepreneurship journey be blessed always. 🙂

  5. I really admire your drive and resilience.

    I would love to start my own business. I envisioned owning a African American influence African night life, neighborhood restaurant in West Africa, preferably Ghana.

    I have so much ideas but no funds. This is my struggle.

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