5 Lessons In ‘Being Mary Jane’

The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me

Who stops us or what stops us?

In the BET show “Being Mary Jane” the writer’s never disappoint us. During and after the one hour show, we are left with many messages that cause us to self-reflect. The 5 lessons I received were:


1. “You’re not your situation” Whatever we go through let’s remember we are better than the last situation.
2. “Why won’t you accept that you won?” Why won’t we accept our successes? If someone says “Congratulations,” why do we say “yeah, but,” No more of this, we won!
3. “No, it’s SNC’s show and SNC’s audience.”
No matter how well we perform in our workplaces; it’s still not our own.
4. Be above reproach. There is someone always watching our behavior.
5. Don’t try to make a relationship into what it is not. Men and women do this. Our fantasy takes over reality.

What messages have you receive from Being Mary Jane or your favorite television show?


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