Life Skills for Powerful Youth

Saving the Next Generation

This is an important post because of the magnitude of the reach. I just completed a pilot of The 12 Life Cores™ Leadership Curriculum featuring 12 modules of pivotal life skills. Marlaine Cover, you would be proud 🙂

The power of this program is its ability to form bridges between parent and pre-teen/adolescent child, youth leader/teacher/pastor and student. It’s called Co-Guidership™ and it brings learning down to the level of the student, but not in the traditional sense.

Saving the Next - Marius MassieTypically, especially when teaching life skills, there is an inherent mentor-student dynamic: I have something (e.g. life experience, wisdom, knowledge) to offer you, and now I must convince you to adopt it. Success hinges on mentors’ ability to engage, lead, influence, and motivate, which is no easy task. The 12 Life Cores™ is special because it relieves that pressure by bringing the mentor down to a shared learning level with the student: it’s a step of humility that fosters partnership. It says, “I may be older, but
I’m not above learning and hearing what you have to say. You have experiences and knowledge I also need to hear. Let’s take this journey together…”

Instantly we open the door to a higher sense of equality and more authentic mutual conversation. Students feel empowered and discover, explore, and strengthen their voice. This is a great tool for parents, youth leaders, and educators because it is “designed engagement,” putting us in a place where our stories–both our victories and failures–can be shared, and in sharing and being vulnerable we open opportunities for our children and students to do the same so they can locate themselves and learn in a supportive atmosphere the tools and skills they need to win.

Take a look at the landing page at:

Let me know how this can be used in your households and professional learning environments; I want to hear from you!

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