The Black Parent Group’s Worldwide Initiative (BPG) – A Parent In Every School Every Day

urban-classroomDear Parents/Guardians/Caregivers/Community Members,

Let me tell you about an initiative that is not going to go away. It is going to change our culture. You will never hear about black parents or any other parent that is not involved again. Now do I have your attention?

The Head Start to High School Initiative – A Parent In Every School, Every Day

classroom 1

Impossible, no it is possible.

First, this is for ALL races because ALL kids need the support of everyone.

The BPG is urging ALL parents to plan to visit their child’s classroom starting next week, the first week of November.

PTA groups and the like we are asking you to support our initiative by calling parents to come visit their child’s classroom.

Teachers, please email parents to come visit your classroom consistently throughout the year.

There are enough of us, US means YOU, no matter your race/culture or if your child is struggling or not; parents need to be present in every school everyday. Go visit your child’s classroom. Then send a relative or friend. Encourage at least 10 friends to go to their child’s classroom.

How will it work?

  1. Schedule your day off work. Go to your child’s school and sit in and observe your child at work.

Find out your child’s weaknesses and strengths based on your observation. Work with your child to develop those weaknesses and celebrate your child and their strengths.

classroom 3

  1. Call/Email/Message 10 people and them to do the same.

Sample: Have you heard of the “A Parent In Every School Every Day Initiative?” If not, it is an initiative that was started to encourage parents or guardians to visit their child’s classroom. The initiative will ensure that each day of every school year there will be parents in the school buildings. This will surely make a big impact on each child’s education. Let us know how it goes when you visit your child’s classroom.

classroom 2

  1. Share this on your social media platforms – this initiative needs to go viral.

Not one family should be left out. Hold your friends accountable; ask them if they visited their child’s school.

Our children need our support.

More ways to share the initiative.

  • Use live video streaming like Periscope, Meerkat, or Blab.
  • Share the pictures at your child’s school.
  • Take a selfie in front of your child’s school

Are just some examples to help spread the word…

Use the following hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook:



Please email your stories or for more information.

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