What is Your Power Anthem?

power (2)I was thinking about the movie Rocky recently and the iconic montage of clips where he runs throughout the neighborhood and poses on the top of the stairs while the classic Rocky theme song plays in the background. This film inspired me to think of all the songs on my own playlist, and to figure out which specific songs made me feel as powerful as Rocky did in that scene.

I have complied a list of powerful songs to share with you all, to inspire you to find your own power anthem. I have to admit, I listen to some songs more than others because I feel each song has it’s own specific message that help me in specific scenarios.

I hope that by sharing these songs with you, it will help you to find your own power anthem, or at the very least, it helps you cope as you are on your own journey. Whatever season you are going through, I wish for you to feel victorious.

Top Ten Power Anthems

1. Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror

A song about wanting a better world, starting with you.

2. Bill Withers or The Temptations – Lean On Me

A song about not being ashamed of needing a helping hand and needing a friend.

3. One Republic – I Lived

A song to remind us how precious live can be.

4. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

A song to build enthusiasm for you to fight back.

5. Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

A song for taking charge of your life.

6. Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys

A song about being a strong woman.

7. Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

A song about having a glimpse of hope when you are falling apart.

8. Gladys Knight & Stevie Wonder ft. Elton John – That’s What Friends Are For

A song about what true friendship is and letting you know that you are never alone.

9. We are the Champions – Queen

A song about a humble moment of recognition for your struggles.

10. Andy Grammer – Keep Your Head Up

A song about holding your head up through life’s ups and down.

Now that I have shared all my favourite power anthems, I would love to know yours! What keeps you motivated to keep pushing?

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