Famous Tattoo Artist That Helps Breast Cancer Survivors

I am reminded each day; how I should not say “I will never” do something until I am faced with that particular reality. In the past, I have said I will never get a tattoo and really didn’t see the purpose. Especially, as I saw tattoo removal shops popping up right next to the shops that inked the skin in the first place. Photo of connected Beloved Studios and Removal below. The owners are a husband and wife team in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Early this morning, however, my perception changed about tattoos and tattoo artists. I saw a story on how a tattoo artist has been tattooing nipples for women who have suffered through breast cancer and a mastectomy. It brought tears to my eyes, he helped them feel “whole” again is what the article said. What a beautiful gift he has been given to share. Women come from all over the world to visit him to receive the service.


Of course, he was getting overwhelmed with the responsibility and wanted to quit, but then he received a call that his sister had breast cancer and that was his sign to keep going. He has also trained other tattoo artists in the skill which really made me happy. Doctors and patients alike respect him and his work.

What a blessing…read more here.

One comment

  1. What an amazing way to help breast cancer survivors. Reading things like this makes you realize there are truly good people helping others in the World. Thank you for sharing this.

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