Did You Know You Can Opt Out of Having Your Child Tested-No More Standardized Testing!

Some things are just not widely publicized and this in this case, I can see why. Schools do not want you to opt out. However, standardized testing has continued to tell kids of color they are less than their peers. Tests continue to whisper in their ears that they don’t measure up. Testing paralyzes kids of color.


My own fear of testing, cost me several scholarships. Although, my grades reflected how smart and ambitious I was, I couldn’t get over how black kids just didn’t and wouldn’t do as well so I settled for my low scores.

With my own children, I never uttered a word about how students of color received lower scores and I prayed no one else did. My 18 daughter has always scored extremely high. She has not been brainwashed like the rest of us. But even still, the tests are unfair, and culturally biased. I remember sitting on a test review committee for the Department of Education and  couldn’t believe some of the questions and the pictures that accompanied them.

If you are tired of the effects of standardized testing on your child and your child’s school,  check into your state’s policy on opting out here.


  1. Black kids aren’t the only people who freeze during testing. My little brother may not be as book smart as some, but he is an excellent farm worker! No test has ever been written about the crops or animals we raise. Put a test paper in front of him and his mind draws a blank slate of fear! He has trouble taking the tests needed to be able to move our various pieces of equipment like trucks and anhydrous wagons over the road ways. He would be the first to help another person get property moved from one place to another, but without the proper licences, he won’t be able to help!

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