“I’m Sorry, But I Didn’t Realize That It Was My Wireless Provider’s Job To Fix My Face”

As I scrolled through Facebook one Sunday afternoon, I saw someone’s photo that I knew very well and was amazed at the person’s clear skin and slim face. Why was I amazed because I just recently saw the person and her face is not clear nor is she slim. I am not hating here, I am going somewhere with this stay with me. Not too long ago we were fighting the media for selling us the airbrushed images of our favorite stars. We said this gave us a poor image of ourselves because women especially would compare themselves to unrealistically beautiful, thin, airbrushed women. So because we now have the capability to edit and correct our own imperfections, it’s okay?

Medium mag says “apparently, Samsung thinks your face could use some work” and we just went along with it. Now, when we take a “selfie” the Beauty Image app turns on automatically telling us that we are not good enough in our natural image.

Do we not have a problem with this? Obviously not, we keep posting our “selfies”  cut off at the neck like we have really lost the weight we needed to lose and cleared up our skin by drinking more water and exercising. Why do we continue in this falsehood?

Pretending makes us feel better…or does it. Do we really feel better when we take our clothes off at night and quickly slide into bed before anyone sees the real us? No we don’t MadameNoire reports “there has been a 25 percent increase over the past year and a half to two years” in plastic surgery. Doctors report people are bringing in their cell phones complaining about how they look on Social Media.

I am not perfect either, I hide behind my clothes, knowing I am not in the best shape, but I decided today that I am starting to exercise again it’s been about 6 weeks since I exercised. It felt good to exercise again. I am working on what needs to be fixed instead of faking it or getting it fixed by a plastic surgeon.

Let’s turn off the Beauty Image app and show the world we are okay with ourselves even in the process of change.  Acne, blemishes, wrinkles, chubby cheeks, moles, hair out of place, I have it all but I still love me and I don’t need an app to prove I am good enough to put my photo on Facebook or Twitter. I am good enough #BeautifullyFlawed.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize that it was my wireless provider’s job to fix my face”

And the Selfie Brush...

Oh you thought the Selfie Brush was fake, nope! LOL and you can buy one here. Just do me a favor turn off the Beauty Face!






  1. I so agree! I’ve been thinking the same about the ‘contouring’ craze at the moment. Reinforcing the ridiculous lie that I am unacceptable as I am. That I must shade my nose to look slimmer and cover up all my imperfections. That I must change the way I really look. I am in no way against make up in fact I love it. But unfortunately I had become a slave to it and learned to feel unacceptable without it. It’s an uphill struggle but it is so comforting when I hear other people feel the same. Thank you so much for this post! ❤

  2. Sarah, is it really any different than the Selfie stick? Lol. What I don’t get is people will be right next to me but instead of asking me to take a picture of them they’d rather take a selfie! I guess because of the Beauty Image makes them look incredible!
    I would suggest not telling your daughter about the selfie brush otherwise Christmas list it goes!

  3. Hi Donna, when writing this, I thought about what’s the difference of makeup and body contouring garments and it’s all an illusion but as you said we sometimes take it too far when we feel worthless without it. Thanks for your comment. I look forward to speaking with you more.

  4. Reblogged this on encourageyourselfsite and commented:
    Personally I had no idea this was an app on my phone (yes I have a Samsung) but it won’t be soon. How many more things is society going to throw at us to try and make us feel inadequate? No thank you.

  5. Thank you for posting this!

    Imagine my utter disgust when my daughter brought her Sophomore school photos home and she told me that they now airbrush “imperfections” in school pictures. She went on to tell me that they airbrush hair color if someone has highlights, FRECKLES(!!!) and whatever else they feel doesn’t “belong” on a student’s face. When I looked at my daughter’s picture, it looked so fake. Her skin was clear of everything because the company thought she shouldn’t even have her freckles. Ugh!

    I have no idea if they do this with elementary school pictures but if they do, they should be even more ashamed of themselves. Teaching kids and teenagers that their natural features are airbrushed out just because some photographer thinks so promotes body shaming in its subtlest (yet not so subtle) form (if that makes sense). For rogue blemishes that just happen to show up on picture day, it’s fine and welcome, but other than that, the airbrushing needs to stop.

  6. Indeed!!! Great blog! We all need to learn to love ourselves more. Once I used correction in picture too! bad me!!!!! oh well. but 98 percent of cases I dont, mainly because other people take pictures of me more often than I take them myself, and they dont use correction apps!!! oh no! Oh whatever!! 😉 thanks for the blog!

  7. Nora, who hasn’t tried the app, everyone else is doing it right? Then I slapped myself (not literally) and said wake up lady, what are you doing?
    So don’t be hard on yourself 🙂 thanks for reading and getting my point.

  8. My pleasure! I just think that there is a tendency to “overuse” things beyond their original purpose. Photoshop is great for creating graphic images/enhancing pictures, but when we use it to create impossible standards in our society {prompting people to go to dangerous lengths in an attempt to achieve those standards}, that’s what I have problems with.

    Have a good Wednesday!

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