Let Gratitude Be Your Only Attitude

Photo Credit: Pixabay - Tumisu
Photo Credit: Pixabay – Tumisu

I remember hearing someone say “let gratitude be your only attitude.”

His voice kept repeating in my head so I decided to give it a try. I thought to myself:
(1) How is that possible?
(2) What does that mean?

I came to the conclusion that I should begin my journey by simply saying thank you anytime someone did something nice for me. This way the person knows I appreciate them.

After I conquered that habit I decided I have to stop complaining. I found that if you are complaining you have no time to be grateful for your blessings.

No matter what your life circumstance is there is always something to be grateful for.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I have been reminiscing over all the things I am grateful for. One of the things I am grateful for is being able to write on this blog, and share my unique point of view with all of you.

I am currently going through a metamorphosis where I am learning to be a more positive person. I believe this is why I am here. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I would like to say thank you for reading my articles.


  1. I am so totally on board with you on this. Being thankful and not complaining is something I’ve started being more conscious of in the last few weeks. Thank you for this post and for your unique point of view.

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