An Opportunity That Came About From Blogging

When bloggers say that they are making thousands to millions of dollars from blogging, can I tell you a secret, they are fibbing just a little. The bloggers are not making that much money from simply typing letters on a page. I am sorry to ruin your “pipe dream” and to “out” bloggers like that including myself. Lol. The truth is they are talking about the opportunities that have arisen from the exposure of their blog. The truth is also if it weren’t for their blog, they most likely wouldn’t have received the opportunities they are sharing about.

I just finished up a class with WordPress, Writing 101, and the moderator asks us. What is next for us?

Well, on September 22, 2015, 12 days ago, I knew what was next for me. I knew I that I was going to act on an idea that I had while talking with another teacher, like myself. She mentioned how she was a part of this postcard community. Where they sent to postcards to complete strangers and how she felt so excited to receive her postcards. The lightbulb went off in my head! I asked her every question I could to learn about the program she was in. I know she was ready to leave for the day and she had her rolling bag tilted ready to roll out the door. I finally let her go and then I arrived home and started writing and researching how I could start a company like this for bloggers and fans. We receive messages from all over the world how awesome would it be to add a tangible connection. This is when Blog FanMail™was born.  Blog FanMail™will allow our readers to receive an unlimited amount of postcards from their favorite bloggers. The only cost to the blogger is the price of the postcard and stamp, but the connection between the blogger and reader will be forever.


To learn more about Blog FanMail™click here.

Bloggers, add the image to your website with the custom url so fans know that you are participating.

Then send me an email at with your link and I will add you to the blogger list.

How do you an image with a custom url? Read here.

Receive a postcard from me! 1

An article in the Huffington Post, just sealed the deal for me.

Why should we even consider handwriting a postcard to our readers?  The Huffington Post gives the reasons below:

  1. Research has shown that writing by hand can promote physical and mental benefits, from improving learning abilities to fostering a more positive outlook on life.
  2. The impact of handwritten messages lasts far longer than any alternative version offered in our high-tech world.
  3. Writing by hand allows you both to reflect back and appreciate them again in the future.
  4. Imagine the powerful message a blogger will convey when actually writing out their thoughts for a reader by hand, purchasing a stamp, and physically delivering to a mailbox.
  5. Postcards only offer so many square inches, forcing the blogger to truly think about the message they want to share and how they want to phrase it. It takes thoughtfulness.
  6. Long after they are written and sent(and even after their senders and receivers are gone), postcards remain to be read, appreciated and preserved. Whether displayed on museum shelves or saved in a scrapbook between two old friends, letters and postcards protect the memories of lives lived in a way that technological communication cannot. They are tangible, personal and real, in every sense of the word.

I hope bloggers and readers alike will consider all the positive benefits to keeping the art of handwriting alive and join me at Blog FanMail™. Now, this is truly an opportunity that came about by blogging.


  1. what an absolutely wonderful idea.. Gone are the days of handwritten letters and greeting cards.. very innovative to bring back the good old handwritten notes!!

  2. Receiving something in the mail is hugely exciting, especially when you’re a ‘grown up’ and all the postman usually delivers are bills! Great idea!

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