Benefits in Brown Eyes

brown eyes
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Today, much of the world has been influenced by a European culture that prefers light and especially blue eyes. We grow up in world where light colored contacts are available at corner stores in neighborhoods of color and in the back of black magazines. We hear all the time about how happy our white coworkers are when their kids a born with blue eyes. We hope the brother with the light eyes will try to holler. We are never made aware of the value of brown eyes.

Dark brown eyes are the original eye color in humans. Every other eye color is a mutation of this. Least you think I am being astringent, mutation is the scientific word for a sudden change in a DNA sequence. Mutations are common and responsible for all the variations in life on Earth.

Every time you go outside during the day, UV rays from the sun can cause damage to eyes and skin. Melanin, the same pigment that causes color in skin, causes color in eyes. Melanin protects skin and eyes from sun damage. The darker the eye, the more melanin present. This protection from sun damage is how dark brown eyes tend to be more useful, longer in life.

Blue and lighter eyes do not have this built in protection which leads to a lot of damage. This causes vision loss and can result in needing corrective lenses such as glasses or contacts at a young age and throughout life. Less protected eyes are more likely to develop cancers, cataracts and sunburns.

On average, dark brown eyes adjust from total darkness to light faster. It takes dark brown eyes under a minute to adjust. Blue eyes can take several minutes. Without sun damage, dark eyes are even able to see more of the color spectrum, including parts that are considered to be non-visible.

Eyes are very beautiful. People feel a human connection when looking in someone’s eyes. People find those that maintain eye contact more trust worthy. Yet many have bought in to the false value system placed on eye color. Their whole lives people are taught that light eyes are the best as though it were fact. This myth of the superior light eye is everywhere. Science discovers and teaches actual facts. Knowing the truth can make all of the difference.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love my dark brown eyes, but I agree that they’re unappreciated by most people. I once read that over 55% of the world’s population has brown eyes. It’s sad that light eyes are considered to be “better” or “more beautiful.”

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