The Social Media and Depression Connection

Photo Credit: Pixabay - geralt
Photo Credit: Pixabay – geralt

I recently watched a video by Prince Ea where he shared his insight into why some people who consume social media are depressed. He believes it comes from comparing our life to others. I agree with him, but it depends on the intent behind the comparison and the frequency performed by the individual.

Social media is an amazing tool to share information, to market products and services, and to entertain others. It is also used as a tool to measure our life to others.

I personally feel comparing becomes an issue when we start to envy others or when it causes us to belittle our own unique journey. It is important to remember we do not all have the same gifts, purpose in life and the same struggles. Therefore, there is no one set way to achieve your aspirations. This is a good thing!

In the video, Prince Ea takes it a step further to remind us that the beauty, entertainment, and adverting industry are built on illusion. He showed a side by side comparison of some original images beside the Photoshopped images of beautiful women and a car advertisement. I felt it was a powerful reminder of an infamous phrase that stayed with me since learning about Shakespeare in class, “All that glitters is not gold.” In other words, do not take everything you see at face value. This includes social media, the entertainment industry and the beauty industry.

People who are experiencing a mental disorder like depression have a hard time escaping the figurative black hole they live in. It makes them feel hopeless and worthless, which makes it hard for them to see through the illusions. This is why it is crucial for depressed individuals to seek professional help so they can see through the illusions.

Whether you have depression or not, we have to remember to look through the illusions.

With that being said, comparing ourselves to others can be a good thing. It opens our mind to a world of endless possibilities, and it can help give us ideas on how to solve problems. The best part is, it helps us to learn from other people’s mistakes without having to make those mistakes ourselves.

Comparing oneself with others can be a negative or positive experience, but it depends on the person’s mental state, their intent behind the comparison and the frequency.


  1. Interesting. I just deactivated my Facebook account to keep away from non-essentials and negatives ! While social media has its advantages esp. in terms of connectivity, I personally tend to waste time there too. Comparisons sometimes obscufates what we are uniquely meant to do.

  2. Now that is a good question ! Right now, I want to focus on a book I’m writing and hence felt the need for some ‘mental space’. Promoting however is a different ball game and I know I’ll have to go back to social media then 🙂

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