The Story You Won’t See In The Media

We have to become “the media” sharing the good news. Wendell Pierce is rebuilding New Orleans with new homes. I enjoy reading about those that give back to their community. Our community has contributed to who we are so those that are famous should feel a sense of responsibility. This is why I don’t understand the homeless situation in Los Angeles.

See the video here:

Forever Black Effusion


Actor Wendell Pierce, a native New Orleans resident has quietly built 75 homes in the historic African American Pontchartrain Park neighborhood, where he grew up. After Katrina he first rebuilt his parents home, then his neighbors. Pierce is a full-time resident of New Orleans.

He plans on building 100 more homes.

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  1. This is a good story! It’s funny how these kind of stories don’t get major attention but all the negative stories get attention

  2. I love finding the good new out there. My daughter hates when I watch the news and says “Why is everything so sad?” (She’s only 10 years old, by the way). This is great and should be talked about so much more than it is!

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