Ladies, Have Your Own Life

Women, it is more attractive to a man that you have your own life. What are your interests and your hobbies? In my first year of marriage, I took the Bible verse that we would become one, literally instead of spiritually. I resented the fact that my husband still had hobbies. Hobbies that I didn’t enjoy and I would get upset with him for participating. He told me “Shatona, you need a hobby.” Like girl, you’re smothering me. At first I took offense and I didn’t have the best response. It has been less than 10 years ago that I started on the path to finding myself. What did I like as a recent college grad? Did I enjoy reading, writing, working out, hanging out with friends, traveling, event planning, photography or what exactly? I should have appreciated then what I appreciate now, his support for me to be me. Now, he is so proud of the woman I have grown into. I have many social networks that I head, a business or two, I write, I plan events, and I just love life. I feel desirable and respected by him. Single women, take my advice have your own life, don’t diminish your shine for anyone. Take advantage of opportunities, trust me, if it is meant to be, he will be there as you pursue your passions.

List of hobbies, if you suck at hobbies

101 Hobbies for Moms

Hobbies for mom:


  1. This really speaks to me. It’s so important to have hobbies and do things for yourself. Happiness come form within first!

  2. Such a great read that I can stand by 100%. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget what you like because you spend so much time working and providing for your family. This is a gentle reminder that of how important it is to stay true to yourself.

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