Black Lives Matter Even At The Minnesota State Fair #BlackFair

I have to admit when I heard that Black Lives Matter (BLM) was going to rally at the Minnesota State Fair, I was upset. Yes, me, one who has led and participated in rally’s before against discrimination right here in Minnesota. I felt totally conflicted and I had discussions with my husband and others that I am close to about it.

Why was I so conflicted….because the Minnesota State Fair has sponsored our non-profit The Black Parent Group for several years providing opportunities for many families to attend the fair for free.  With the promise of a state fair ticket, in the past few years I have been able to gather a group of 50 people to volunteer for the United Way, donate to a Battered Women’s Shelter, Family Values for Life, The R.E.E.K program, The Black Women’s Expo and sponsor several individual families who may not have been able to afford to go otherwise. This was the one organization and event that seemed to really want Black folks there.

According, to the Twin Cities The Black Film’s Festival organizer Natalie Morrow, this also was the year that the Minnesota State Fair organizers hired her to make sure that a Black headliner performed at the fair, Patti LaBelle.

This was going to be a great year for Black folks at the fair, I thought. Why would BLM want to ruin it? Then I felt even more conflicted…shouldn’t I of all people be in support of the BLM movement? However, I am still not sure about BLM. I don’t know enough about it yet and I have some concerns about the funding of the movement. But…honestly, I am more concerned about the race war that we seem to be distracted with. I get frustrated with #AllLivesMatter and all the other clichés being said right now because people just don’t get White privilege is real and those that don’t probably never will get it. However, the one cliché that really struck me and I agree with is #AllSoulsMatter. All souls do matter and after all, that is the reason why we are here on earth is to bring souls to God and somehow we have to come together before our last day.

Last, I am not as conflicted as I was a week ago because I have seen the hate toward the BLM St. Paul organizer Rashad Turner and the movement on Facebook. I know people are upset because the State Fair represents fun and no one wants to think about facing truth on this day. While enjoying the fair, we are all in “La La” land not thinking about a thing. Many are angry that BLM has caused us to think but that is no reason to say and do the hateful things I’ve seen.

To gain more understanding of what BLM wants from the “Great Minnesota Get-Together” read this article printed in City Pages, it helped me to gain more understanding, click here.

I won’t be joining the rally, I am in Los Angeles right now, but let’s truly hope that this will be the year of the “Great Get-Together” for all races. Peace!

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