Win 4 Minnesota State Fair Tickets!

minnesota-state-fair-tickets-01My most memorable visit to the Minnesota State Fair happened about 6 years ago when my daughter sprained her ankle on a ride right before she started middle school.

I never knew that the State Fair had a mini hospital on site. An ambulance came to pick us up at the ride and drove us a short distance away to be treated by the sweetest medical team around.

This event led to my daughter being on crutches on her first day of middle school and banning the State Fair until just last year, but my husband and I snuck off every year without the kids to enjoy the tasty treats and fun times at the fair.

Food (1)

We know the State Fair is a great tradition for many families and we want to send at least 2 families to the fair this year.

Please comment below with your most memorable memory of the State Fair for your chance to win. Deadline to enter: August 22, 2015.


  1. I remember spending many summers at the fair because my grandparents volunteered at a booth. Also, the reptile house was right next door and I loved seeing the big snakes!

  2. My most memorable moment at the fair was back in 2011. My daughter was two weeks old, and I was looking for a place to breastfeed. I’ve never been comfortable changing in locker rooms or anything like that, so whipping a boob out at the Great Minnesota Get-Together wasn’t something I was looking forward to doing. I finally found a somewhat less crowded spot near Machinery Hill and breastfed my baby girl. When we were done, I walked about two blocks with my family and discovered the MyTalk 107.1 nursing facility. Doh! The facility is equipped with comfortable chairs and all sorts of goodies for moms!

  3. My most memorable moment was when my step-son went into the Eco building and saw the electric/solar car. Asked questions about what happens if its cloudy etc then he looks at his dad and says why don’t they use batteries like we do, it would work better. It was a fun day with my family.

  4. My favorite memory is of my mommy and I, I had to have been around 8 years old. They had little elephants I and I got to ride one! 🙂 I will never forget that. I think that was when I fell in love with Elephants. Awww Mommy and me memories 🙂

  5. My favorite memory was when I volunteered at the State Fair. I got the chance to return another day and bring my relatives who were visiting from another country. It was their first State Fair experience that they enjoyed it so much. They tried and saw foods, animals, displays, exhibits and merchandise they have never seen in their lives. It was surely a very memorable fun event for all of us and I was happy to share it with my relatives.

  6. Stacie, thank you for sharing your favorite memory at the MN State Fair. That concert must have been amazing. I wonder what The Fat Boys are doing now. I saw Boys To Men a couple years ago and it was great and free!

  7. MM, thank you for sharing your favorite memory at the MN State Fair. Oh wow, I will be going to see the reptile show this year too. What booth did you grandparents volunteer at?

  8. Aimee, thank you for sharing your favorite memory at the MN State Fair. Oh, the joys of breastfeeding! LOL That would be a good blog post to share about places to go to breastfeed and share your story!

  9. Cicely, thank you for sharing your favorite memory at the MN State Fair. Would you get on an elephant now that your older? When I was a kid I was so brave riding elephants, ponys, and camels, I don’t think so now, lol!

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