Healing Your Inner Child…

fd1ada38af9ad61de6a49d3b865be13e[1]Are you suffering from a certain emptiness and you are not sure why?  Have you ever been in a room filled with family and friends, and still feel a sadness and disconnection, that you can not explain? Are you crying on the inside and faking a smile on the outside? This maybe  your wounded inner child, seeking attention and healing.

Some of us have experienced childhood traumas, that have left us feeling broken hearted, abandoned, betrayed, abused and angry. As we become adults, these emotion do not automatically resolve themseleves, unless we do the work to heal them. The wounds of our inner child begin to take over our interpersonal relationships, in very unexpected ways.

It is necessary to own and honor the child we were, in order to LOVE the person we desire to be.  The only way to do that,  is to own that child’s experiences, honor that child’s feelings, and release the emotional wounds that s/he is still carrying around.

Be gentle with yourself as you evolve to your Higher self. Trust GOD and the process. Why? Because it’s like having children driving semi-trucks, chaos and havoc everywhere. “Another one down, mad child on the lose”. Lol.  We all deserve Peace and Happiness. Go get yours.

Be encouraged and enjoy your weekend


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