Why We Should Care About Politics

Credit: Pixabay Website, DWilliams
Credit: Pixabay Website, DWilliams

In the United States and in Canada, elections are in full swing! You know what that means – change is coming.

It is sad that the majority of youth and young adults do not care about politics. Especially since we are hurting so much. We are trying our best to have a career, not a job. And on top of it all, we have debt. Some of our financial woes come from pursuing higher education and some occurred because of the unpredictability of life. We can not control everything that happens in the world, but that does not mean our voice does not matter.

You want change? Good. What are you doing to spark change? How bad do you want it? Are you willing to email politicians, or go to the rallies and ask the candidates questions in person? Maybe, Maybe not.

There is a reason why when we go after what we want, we feel happy. It is because we are taking action instead of sitting around complaining. It easy to complain. Do not take the easy road. Do something!

It is time to read up on what each candidate stands for. It is time to listen carefully to how they plan on fixing the issues that are affecting us at the moment, and it is time to take action.

If you are really displeased with all of the candidates, why not run for president in the future or at the very least pursue a career in politics? It is possible.

In the meantime, you have what it takes to do something right now! Why not vote? It only takes five minutes. That is five minutes less of social media, five minutes less of watching Netflix, or five minutes less of talking on the phone.

Your life matters! Please treat it like it does and make decisions for you, otherwise people will make decisions for you and you might not like it.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Vote. Don’t vote. Change is coming.

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