When I first realized I was beautiful

Ladies, have you always known you were beautiful or was it a journey?

Bougie Black Blogger

As a young girl, I was full of life and had no worries. I enjoyed playing with my cousins and playing outside. Life was beautiful, I had no cares in the world. That was until I realized I wasn’t beautiful, well you know the pretty, skinny, light skin beautiful. I didn’t start looking in the mirror at my beauty until the third grade. I was in a new school so I had to make new friends. I was super dark because the summer days, I stayed outside to play. I was chunky, tall and had big hands and feet. I remember wearing an 11 size shoe in 4th grade. Crazy I know.

I remember though, the taunts and insults I received, “Jolly Black Giant” “Skillet” etc. How did these kids come up with these? Clever yes, but very hurtful. These were the days that I started seeing me in a…

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