Thriving after divorce: I Got A Divorce For Christmas

Here’s to giving on Christmas…

Bougie Black Blogger

I may not have received the divorce on that day however I was in the stages of filing for it. I was staying with my mom and a couple days earlier was like a movie that I had no control over. It was like I was watching my life unravel and couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I just wanted to breakdown, cry and fall out, but my SUPER STRONG Aunt said, ” No crying until we leave!” My family and I were going to get the last of my things after things got really ugly. I just wanted to run away but that was not possible at that time.

My family around me was like Cicely, is this yours? I was like huh… I swear I do not think I was really there and it was all a dream. Woke up the next morning emotionally and physically drained…

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