Thriving After Divorce: Depression in My Marriage…

So many emotions and feelings, who would have thought depression would have been one of them…

Bougie Black Blogger

As I reflected on my life in marriage, I see so many times where I was depressed and didn’t seek much help. I did not know I was depressed. I thought I was just sad or unhappy. I began drinking more wine and just wanted to be alone. I didn’t want to visit anyone in fear that they may ask how the marriage is and I didn’t want to lie.

I felt like I could not get a divorce and that the church and others would look down on me with disapproval and shame. So I did what most people did which was try to make it work despite everything going against it. I truly do believe that the enemy hated our marriage because there was so much potential and damage in a good way that we could do together. I saw that potential and I wanted to make it…

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