The Top Ten Things I ‘Love’ About Football Season-50 More Days To Kickoff


1. We eat like its Superbowl Sunday, every Sunday!

2. I actually get left alone because my husband doesn’t even realize I exist.

3. I can retreat to the bedroom to watch sappy romantic comedies.

4. Somehow the preacher starts ending church on time.

5. Watching the Facebook fights over which team is the best. Some men haven’t posted anything on their page all year, but blow up their page during football season.

6. Women start acting like they care about football and men start pretending like they enjoy the women being in the room with them asking stupid questions about the game.

7. The strange look that I get from the neighbors from all the yelling that was happening in my house during the game. They don’t know what to think. I just let their imigination run.

8. Being able to go to the game, paint my face and yell like a crazy person.

9. Being searched like a criminal at the front gate and having to bring the fashionable clear purse to the games.

10. All jokes aside, I truly do love Superbowl Sunday, it’s been some of the best times with family and friends.

Enjoy the season!

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