Good Guys Do Still Exist?!

On tonight’s episode of MTVs Catfish, R.Prophet, formerly of Nappy Roots was the victim of being “catfished.” In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few seasons of Catfish, this is when some pretends to be someone they are not online. Prophet fell in love with who he thought was a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit. The physical girl he was in love with was Chris Brown’s ex, Jasmine, but emotionally he was connected to Crystal. Crystal used Jasmine’s photos to make a fake Facebook profile and the pictures attracted R. Prophet and before long they were in “love.”

collage-2015-07-22 (1)

The “catfish” helped him get through some hard times. In this case and 99% of the time the person in the pictures is not the person the victim is communicating with. R.Prophet was visably crushed. He was ready to settle down and have kids. This is when I wish I had the TV connections because I would make a show for him to find love. He obviously is ready. To learn more about MTV’s Catfish visit:

nev and max

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