Entrepreneurs, Are You Tired Of Being Tied Down To A Desk Job?

A desk at a 40 hour a week job is like a ball and chain for an entrepreneur.

Photo Credit: Sonya Lovell
Photo Credit: Sonya Lovell

Most entrepreneurs have many skills and bills (hey that rhymed, lol) so they take on a job that they are qualified for out of fear that they won’t be able to support themselves or their families. This ends up being tragic for the entrepreneur. Let’s all get ready for the death of their dreams. I have been there, heck! I am there right now. My debt (mostly student loans) is dictating where I work, the job I’ll take, and how many hours I will work. However, sometimes that desk job and debt is what motivates us to get creative so we can cut that ball and chain off! Once you are free from the job; you work extremely hard so you won’t have to ever go back to working 40 hours a week for anyone but yourself. It’s okay to take on a part-time job to supplement your income, but make sure it has flexible hours so you can be the creative genius you were meant to be.

What is your strategy for leaving your 9-5? or if you did it, how did it work out for you? Here’s an article that will help you overcome some of your fears click here.

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