Don’t Let Racism Block You From Your Greatness

There is nothing that should stop a determined woman, not even herself!

Inpowered Black Woman

Here lately I’ve been doing random searches on “black women and self-esteem”.  This random search began from my normal searches on “women and self-esteem”, because a few months ago, I came across this particular blog post below:

And the ignorant mess begins…

I tend to stay away from conservative opinion because their ignorance tend to frustrate me sometimes, but I took a chance and clicked on the link.  And here is what I found…

The left is constantly blaming black shortcomings on alleged low self-esteem. Then they allege that white people cause blacks to have low self-esteem. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hundreds of studies can be found in scientific journals showing that blacks have higher self-esteem, inflated assessments of their own intelligence, a more positive body image, etc.

Okay, so notice what the post points out:

  • an inflated assessment of their own intelligence

So we have research…

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